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An Air Mephit is an extra-planar "outsider" (i.e., linked to various Elemental, Quasi-Elemental and Outer planes of existence). These creatures are similar to Imps, and are found in a number of areas during the Baldur's Gate II games.


An Air Mephit can attack twice per round in melee for 1d3 (slashing) damage. It also has two innate abilities, one defensive and one for offensive attacks. These are Mephit Blur and Breathes Grit. Upon detection of an enemy the Mephit will instantly apply a Blur spell effect, that is essentially the same as the wizard spell. This will improve armor class and saving throws.

The mephit will also launch the Breathes Grit attack, which can't be blocked by any type of protection except Stoneskin, and it deals a paltry 1d6 (crushing) damage and has an area of effect similar to a Cone of Cold. The unmodified game Air Mephit can only attempt this innate ability attack every 5 rounds after the initial grit launch, meaning that it will likely be dead well before its second attempt. A Mephit is really only a threat in large numbers, and maybe slightly worse if part of a mixed variety of them.

The Air Mephit have no magic, physical damage or elemental resistance. The InfoBox summarizes their special abilities and immunities to certain status effects.


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