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Aid is a 2nd level priest spell only usable by clerics and paladins. It grants the target a bonus to their attack rolls, saving throws, and maximum health.


The recipient of this spell gains the benefit of a Bless spell (+1 to attack rolls and Saving Throws) and a special bonus of 1d8 additional Hit Points for the duration of the spell. The Aid spell enables the recipient to actually have more Hit Points than his current maximum. The bonus Hit Points are lost first when the recipient takes damage and they cannot be regained by curative magic.

Example: A 1st-level fighter has 8 Hit Points, suffers 2 points of damage, and then receives an Aid spell that grants him 5 additional Hit Points. The Fighter now has 11 Hit Points, 3 of which are temporary. If he is then hit for 7 points of damage, 4 normal Hit Points and all 3 temporary Hit Points are lost. He then receives a Cure Light Wounds spell that heals 4 points of damage, restoring him to his original 8 Hit Points.


  • This spell's description is misleading; it does not grant the same effects as Bless and will actually stack with it.
    • Aid grants a -1 bonus to THAC0 and saving throws.
    • Bless grants a -1 bonus to THAC0 and a +1 bonus to damage and morale.
  • Internally, Aid is handled as the positive status effect "Aid (non-cumulative) (129)". It does not have a portrait icon associated with it.
  • The temporary maximum hit points make this the only 2nd level healing spell available.

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