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Disambiguation icon This page is about the creature summoned by the spell. For the spell itself, see Aerial Servant.

Aerial Servant is a type of Air Elemental creature summoned by the spell Aerial Servant.


These creatures will obey their summoner for the duration of the spell, until banished by a Death Spell or destroyed by damage. Once conjured, the creature is under the effects of Invisibility, which will be broken when it attempts an offensive action.

The creature, when visible, has the appearance of a Lesser Air Elemental. It can only attack by way of close quarters melee combat with its ponderous crushing blows, slowly striking only once per round. If the blow connects, it deals 4d8 (crushing) damage and gets a +11 bonus for strength modifier. The attack is considered a +4 enchanted item for the purposes of what it can hit.

The elemental is immune to the effects of any spell or item causing Maze. Normal weapons will not be able to strike this creature.

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Spell Revisions mod changes the creature summoned by the Aerial Servant spell, see below for summary:

The caster of this spell summons an Aerial Servant to do the caster’s bidding for the duration of the spell. The servant will attack any enemies that the caster decides, staying until the duration of the spell ends or he is slain.
Aerial Servant (13 Hit Dice):
STR 21, DEX 19, CON 17, INT 6, WIS 11, CHA 11; AL Neutral
HP 122, AC -1, THAC0 5, Saving Throws 5/7/6/5/8
2 Attacks Per Round, 2d6+11 Crushing Damage (Fist +2)
Special Qualities:
Natural Invisibility: constantly invisible as if affected by an Improved Invisibility spell
Movement Rate bonus: 2
Immune to normal weapons, hold, poison, sleep, & stun effects

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