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Mods icon This page is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.
Adrian NPC mod portrait

The Adrian NPC mod by Rhaella adds Adrian, a lawful evil sorcerer, to BG2 as a joinable NPC.

He has a small personal quest, and one extra encounter.
This is a walkthrough for that quest content.

How to get him to join[]

He is being held captive by the duergar smiths in Irenicus's Dungeon 2nd Floor. Kill them.
He offers to join when you loot the key to his shackles from the duergar's bodies.

QUEST: A Game of Zhentarim Blackmail[]

  • Travel with Adrian for a while.
  • Eventually[1], Tanya Damarov approaches you and blackmails Adrian. Pay her fee of 1000 gp[2].
    Afterwards, Adrian asks your help to eliminate Tanya's spy network, and recommends asking Bernard.
    • WARNING: If you refuse to pay her, she attacks, which ends the quest immediately and makes Adrian unhappy.
  • OPTIONAL: Get blackmailed more.
    If you tarry, Tanya reappears every 10+ days[3], demanding the same fee again each time – until you get to the stage of the quest where you find her documents (see below).
  • Talk to Bernard in the Copper Coronet. He recommends you check innkeepers in the Docks and Bridge districts, as well as their halfling customers.
  • Go to the Five Flagons Inn in the Bridge District, and:
    • Talk to the innkeeper Samuel Thunderburp. He denies knowing anything.
    • Then talk to the halfling Jerry Jamtoes in the same room. He overheard you asking the innkeeper, and tells you that Tanya has rented a room upstairs.
    • Find "Tanya's Documents"[4] in her room upstairs (first room on the left). Adrian grabs the book and reads the locations of Tanya's agents.
Adrian NPC mod Tanya screenshot

Adrian walking in on Tanya in her room

  • Return to Tanya's room in the Five Flagons Inn, where she and her bodyguards now lie in wait and attack you on sight. Kill them.

ENCOUNTER: Always Even in the End[]

  • Talsar Soargyl, an old enemy of Adrian, approaches you in Trademeet once you are the Heroes of Trademeet[5], and invites you into his home.
  • If you agree to follow him to his home, he and his bodyguards attack you there. Kill them.


  1. Exact conditions:
    1. Chapter 2, 3, or 6.
    2. Protagonist had five "friendship" talks with Adrian. (Variable "rh#AdrianTalks" = 11.)
    3. It's been 9+ hours since that last talk.
    4. Adrian is in the party.
    5. Party is not in combat, and neither protagonist nor Adrian are incapacitated.
    6. Party is in an outdoors city area.
    7. Party has at least 500 gp.
  2. Unless you have less, in which case she settles for 500 gp.
  3. But again only in outdoor city areas in chapters 2/3/6.
  4. Item code "RH#NOTE".
  5. Exact conditions:
    1. Faldorn is dead.
    2. You got the genies to leave. (Variable "geniesgone" = 1.)
    3. High Merchant Logan has held the ceremony declaring you the Heroes of Trademeet. (Variable "loganjob2" > 1.)
    4. Adrian is in party and not incapacitated.
    5. Party is outdoors in Trademeet.