Baldur's Gate Wiki

The Goblin Caves are located in Adoy's Enclave. This is where were the imprisoned Adoy and the remains of Rilsa are found.


The caves are comprised of three caverns with the first and second caverns being separated by a wooden foot bridge and the second and third caverns separated by a makeshift door fashioned out of small trees.

First Cavern:[]

The first cavern is slightly kidney-shaped in appearance and is occupied by five Goblins. Four of them are equipped with Composite Longbows and a quiver of 60 Arrows. The fifth is equipped with an axe. A medium-sized pot near the fire pit contains a Skull.

Second Cavern:[]

The second cavern is the biggest of the three and it too is slightly kidney-shaped in appearance. The lower portion is where the remains of Rilsa are located. You have the option of either burying her body or leaving it where it is. The chest near her body is opened and contains the +2 leather armor called Rugged Leathers, a Wand of Fear with 9 charges, three potions of healing, a potion of genius, an item of wealthy random treasure (which could be a random amount of gold) and 600 gp.

The upper portion of the cavern is where Rogdok, the leader of the goblins, is located along with four additional goblins. Two of the goblins are equipped with composite longbows and the other two carry axes. Rogdok is equipped with a Bastard Sword +1, a Shortbow +1 and 80 arrows. There are no containers in this portion of the cavern.

Third Cavern:[]

The third cavern is where the goblins have Adoy imprisoned. The area is roughly circular in appearance and is sparsely decorated. The only container is the empty table.