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Addy is a noblewoman who can be found wandering about in front of generic home 1 in the district of Central Baldur's Gate. She will approach the party upon sight and, recognizing Gorion's Ward by name, beseech the party to investigate the Iron Throne Headquarters one more time. After which she will walk away and disappear.

Your comings and goings in this city could hardly be called silent. Please, let us not start off so wrong. My name is Addy and, like you, I am no friend of the Iron Throne nor its leader, Sarevok. He's whipping the people of this city into a frenzy with his wretched war plans! And no one seems to realize that Amn, the most powerful nation—nay, empire—in the hemisphere, would crush us in an instant! I hate myself for it, but... but I am so scared for this city. Please, you must investigate the Iron Throne tower further because I know that, despite all your past efforts there, some horror still rests within its walls.

The conversation also results in the following Journal entry in the quest section under the title "Rising Tensions with Amn".

It is good to know that not everyone in this city has fallen in love with the hardliner Sarevok. Frightened by the prospect of the looming war, a noblewoman by the name of Addy has begged me to reinvestigate the Iron Throne tower in the hopes that I might find something there to stem this maddened tide.

— Journal entry