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Adalon's Blood Modification enables the player to ask Adalon the Silver Dragon in the Underdark for some of her blood.

Mod summary[]

To resolve the Finish the leather armor begun by Rejiek Hidesman questline, the player needs to obtain some blood of a Silver Dragon.

This mod provides a method that is mainly aimed at good-aligned characters who want to finish the quest in a non-evil fashion: to discover and terminate the clients of the skinner and cleanse the armor of any vile taint in a temple setting.

The mod provides an alternative to obtain the dragon's blood without having to try and kill her for it.

Nevertheless, evil characters with CHAR of 18 or higher may also attempt to convince Adalon to sacrifice some of her blood. There is a 25% chance of success for them in deceiving the silver dragon.

The modification is compatible with original BGII, BGT, BGII:EE and EET.

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