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Acton Balthis is Vice-Regent for the Council of Athkatla and resides in Balthis Estate in the Bridge District.

Attempting to talk to Acton directly results only in him shouting, "Brigands in my home, is it? Bah, where are the guards?! GAURDS!!" Of course neither of the guards actually enter his bedroom, and leaving the bedroom finds the guards still neutral.

Killing either Acton or his servant Pip result in the usual Reputation loss associated with murdering an innocent. Furthermore, his Amnish Bodyguards will turn hostile, and call for backup from the military, which may include one or more of the following:


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Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Unfinished Business II mod for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn restores a quest, "The Murder of Acton Balthis", that was cut from the game according to David Gaider of Bioware. This quest is only for players who have taken Haer'Dalis as a companion, and who also, for some reason, have not already slain Quataris the art dealer in Waukeen's Promenade.