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Achon is a Shadow Thief and former trusted chief assistant of Aran Linvail who tried to assassinate Linvail in the name of guild loyalty. He is now awaiting his gruesome fate in the prison room within the secret hideout that's located beneath the Shadow Thief Guildhall. Conversation with the elf reveals that Aran may not be someone who's promises can be trusted.


Hmph. I suppose that you must be one of Aran's new favorites. You don't have the look of one who's worked <HISHER> way up through the ranks of the guild.

1-Who I am is none of your business.
Aye... I suppose nothing that occurs in the guild is any of my business. At least, not any longer. Not once Aran got through with me.
2-I've earned my place amongst the Shadow Thieves, just as the rest of them.
Hah! You feel that your position is something that has some particular meaning or value? That it has any permanence beyond Aran's whim? Not likely, fool.
3-I'm here to acquire Aran's help, not that it's any of your business.
Aran's help? Aran's help is like his harm; there is little difference between the two, for the most part. He'll turn on you in a second if it amuses him, mark my words.

I am Achon... I was once Aran's lieutenant, his chief assistant and right-hand man. I was loyal to the guild above all, and that was my greatest fault. I thought I was doing the guild a favor by trying to assassinate Aran. Perhaps I was right, perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps Aran will not destroy our guild. Perhaps the other guild run by that... that woman... will be eliminated. I suppose I shall never know. The only thing I am certain of now is that my punishment shall be more agonizing and prolonged than anything you can dream of. Now leave me be, newcomer. There is nothing you can do for me or to me, and I have nothing left but to await my fate at Aran's whim.

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