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Absorb Health is an innate special ability usable by Blackguard kitted Paladins. It may also be used once per day and returns after an eight-hour rest period.


Absorb Health

The character deals 2 points of damage per level to an enemy, healing <HIMHER>self the same number of Hit Points.


The casting is technically interruptible, but this is unlikely due to short casting time if timed correctly. The Blackguard casts this ability upon a single target creature in range. It always hits (except for Mirror Image) and requires no attack roll.

The innate ability caps out at level 34 experience, dealing 68 damage to the target, and healing the caster for the same amount.

The spell does not affect the blackguard (in case the spell was reflected back at the caster), nor does it affect golems and the undead.

This innate ability bypasses Magic resistance but can be stopped by spell level protections like Minor Globe of Invulnerability or Spell Turning, as it only has a Power level of 1. There is no saving throw against it.

Absorb Health could be blocked by Spell Immunity Necromancy, and the Cloak of Mirroring. As the innate ability inflicts Magical damage, any item or spell, such as Belt of Inertial Barrier or Protection From Magic Energy will reduce or completely negate any damage from the ability. It can also be fooled by Reflected Image or Mirror Image. And finally, if an enemy cannot be selected for a spell to be cast upon, such as when protected under Improved Invisibility, then the caster will not be able to target the creature.