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Ability Scores, or Abilities for short, are a game mechanic in Baldur's Gate III. They are basic physical and mental attributes that measure a creature’s capabilities. There are six abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

During Character Creation, Ability Scores are given default values based on the selected class. The player can then redistribute 27 of these points, raising or lowering abilities between a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15. Raising an ability score by +1 costs 1 point, until it reaches 13 points; raising it above 13 costs 2 points for each +1 increase.

In addition, bonuses of +1 and +2 can be applied to two ability scores, potentially raising them as high as 16 or 17.

The character's Primary Ability is marked with a star, depending on the class's specialty. For spellcasters it's the ability uses for spellcasting; for other classes it's the ability used for melee or ranged attacks.

At Class levels 4, 8, and 12, a character can earn 2 additional points that can be applied to one ability or split between two abilities, to a maximum score of 20.

List of Abilities[]

Icon Ability Description
BG3-Ability-Strength STR Strength: Muscles and physical power. Affects your effectiveness with melee weapons. Also determines how far you can jump and how much you can carry.
BG3-Ability-Dexterity DEX Dexterity: Agility, reflexes, and balance. Affects your effectiveness with ranged and Finesse weapons. Also affects your Initiative and Armour Class.
BG3-Ability-Constitution CON Constitution: Stamina and physical endurance. Affects your hit point maximum.
BG3-Ability-Intelligence INT Intelligence: Memory and mental power. Improves spellcasting for wizards.
BG3-Ability-Wisdom WIS Wisdom: Senses and intuition. Improves spellcasting for clerics, druids, and rangers.
BG3-Ability-Charisma CHA Charisma: Force of personality. Improves spellcasting for bards, paladins, sorcerers, and warlocks. Influences traders' prices.

Ability modifiers[]

Ability scores are typically not used directly; instead a corresponding ability modifier is calculated by subtracting 10 from the ability score and dividing the result by 2, rounding down. This modifier is then added to die rolls that rely on that ability. For example a Strength of 15 gives a strength modifier of +2 (15 - 10 = 5, divide by 2 = 2.5, round down to 2).


  • Baldur's Gate III does not enforce minimum ability scores for specific classes, nor for the primary ability. For example the player can create a fighter with low strength, or a wizard with low intelligence.