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Aawill is a Tiefling Bard and leader of a group of Planar Bounty Hunters during the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn campaign.

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Planar Bounty Hunters[]

Other named members of his band include two Yuan-Ti, T'rael, and Von'ith; the latter is a Conjurer who is able to open and close the portal which the group uses to shift to other planes of reality to hunt their plane-hopping quarry.

Two Elf Fighters and a Halfling Thief round out the group.


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Five Flagons Theatre[]

Aawill is first seen in the Five Flagons Theatre emerging from a extra-planar portal to abduct Raelis Shai and the rest of her Sigil Theatre Troupe.

"Good day, Raelis. Will you permit me to stop this madness?"

During the conversation, you learn a bit about the troupe's history and why they have traveled to the prime material plane; to escape from their prior patrons. Aawill reveals that he is:

"...just an employee of an old acquaintance of yours in Sigil. Duke... what was his name? Darkwood? Yes, Duke Darkwood, that was it, wasn't it... You really oughtn't have done that play, you know..."

You can wash your hands of it and not become involved, which elicits indignation from both the Sigil Troupe and certain Companions, or declare an intent to intervene. However, there is no chance to confront Aawill now to prevent his hunters from collecting their bounty. They all disappear into the portal during the cut-scene.[2]

Afterwards, the portal remains open, so it is up to Gorion's Ward to determine whether the party will follow them through to the other side.

Planar Prison[]

After entering the portal the party finds themselves in a Planar Prison "pocket-plane" where Aawill is interrogating a gnome prisoner named Tagget.

"Listen, you little maggot! I want to know how you got your collar off, right now...or you'll find there are far worse things than being a slave!"

"N-no! No! I don't care what you say! I w-won't be a slave any more!"

"Well, if that's the way you --"

At that moment, one of his bounty hunter Fighters calls out to the male Yuan-Ti near Tagget to hold off his strong-arming:

"T'rael! Hold! Others have come through the portal!"

Aawill then becomes aware that the party has followed them through the portal, and calls out to the Yuan-Ti mage to the far left of the area to deny them any escape.

"What? Others? Ah...the primes. How foolish of you to have followed your actor friends here. Von'ith, close the portal, please."

After a brief exchange with the party, Aawil and his entire group attack.


Aawill is a mediocre fighter, has no spells or bard abilities, and no tiefling racial immunities. He will likely be defeated with a few blows. No special planning or tactics are needed. If he has enough life left from being wounded, he will attempt to quaff a potion of extra healing at a certain threshold. If he is too slow, he will die.

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  • Another creature file exists for Aawill (BounHa.cre) but it is only used during Cut-Scene 17 when he appears through the portal into the Five Flagons Theatre to capture Raelis and her Troupe.[2]

Mod content[]

Mods icon This section is about unofficial content that is only available via fan-made mods.

The Sword Coast Stratagems mod revises Aawill with a default warrior AI for better tactical response and targeting. SCS revises the weapon proficiencies to one pip in Two-handed sword and 1 pip in two-handed weapon fighting style. No bard spells or songs are scripted for use.


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