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A Rogue Ogre, also known as Unshey's Girdle of Piercing[1] and Unshey's Belt,[2] is a side quest in Baldur's Gate, available from Chapter One on.

According to a dwarven cleric by the name of Unshey, a rogue ogre with a belt fetish is making a name for himself just south of the Friendly Arm Inn. As Unshey claims to be an author, maybe she'd give me a copy of her book if I can get her girdle of piercing back...

— Journal: A Rogue Ogre[3]


Unshey BG1EE

Only with a reaction of eight or higher will Unshey, a female dwarf on The Friendly Arm's second floor, tell an interested Gorion's Ward and party how she had to "bargain [her] new girdle of piercing for [her] life" out of an encounter with "a rogue ogre with a belt fetish", and that she'd "be mighty grateful" if they returned the girdle to her.[4] At a lower reaction, she will simply feel bothered by the party's smell and not be interested in any cooperation.[5]

Note: The quest can be turned in, nevertheless – see below.

In the eastern wilderness of the southerly located Coast Way, about half the way down and near the border of the map, an ogre will attack the party. After being slain, two girdles can be found on him: Elves' Bane (Unshey's "girdle of piercing") and the cursed Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity.

Ogre (A Rogue Ogre) BG1EE
Note: This will happen in any case – no matter if Unshey has been spoken to or not, no matter if the quest was given or not.
Speaking to Unshey again while being in possession of the former girdle, whether the task was requested by her or not, will let her show some gratefulness, the amount of which depends on her reaction again. In any case, the party will gain experience and gold, but lose a unique and useful girdle. Unshey can be killed afterwards and the Girdle of Piercing can be looted from her body, but doing so will result in reputation loss.


Unshey's standards regarding people around her are even higher than before when it comes to showing her gratefulness: "neutrality" doesn't suffice anymore for the higher reward, she now has to react "friendly" to the deliverer of her girdle.

Note: The entry for the finished quest also depends on her reaction/the given reward, and changes its name from "A Rogue Ogre" to something related.
Reaction 14 or lower
Unshey isn't the most charismatic person I've ever met. She gave me 70 gold pieces for returning her girdle, but only after informing me that 60 of those were to go towards my bathing fund.

— Journal: Bathtime?[6]

Reaction 15 or higher
One dead ogre equals 95 gold pieces. Unshey claims to be a writer, but it sure is hard to argue with her math.

— Journal: A Fair Reward[7]

Speaking of "gratefulness", it remains to be considered if the given reward, even the higher one, compensates the loss of a Girdle of Piercing, with a base value of 1,500gp and only one among very few belts and girdles available at all, barely enough to equip a whole party during the original campaign.


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