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In Beregost, you may run into Firebead Elvenhair again. He's glad to see you well and mourns Gorion's death.

He is after a particular book, History of the Fateful Coin. You can purchase it for a few gp across the street in Feldepost's Inn or take it freely from one of the shelves in the house below. The book can also be bought in a The Friendly Arm (building) in advance, but this is not necessary given how close the other two locations are.

Return to Firebead's home with the book and he will reimburse you and give you a new book and a scroll case.

In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, you must speak to him with either the Protagonist or Imoen to get the quest or finish it. For anyone else, he will give only generic responses. In this version, the reward includes a scroll case.

In the original Baldur's Gate, you could speak to him with anyone, but had to have at least 100gp to get the quest. You could finish it regardless of your total gold as long as you had the book in your inventory. The reward did not include a scroll case in this version, nor was there anything specific to Imoen.

Fateful quest

The book Elvenhair wants, available at Feldepost's Inn.

In your Journal[]

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Firebead Elvenhair in his home in Beregost
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: A Book for Firebead
  • Entry Title: A Book for Firebead
  • Quest Begins: 

    I have met an old friend in Beregost! Firebead Elvenhair, an elderly mage who visited the library at Candlekeep on occasion, has asked me to check out the stores in the area and purchase a copy of "The History of the Fateful Coin" for him, should I ever set eyes on it. Confining as its walls could be, there are days when I miss Candlekeep with every bone and every ounce of flesh in my body. This, I guess, is just going to be one of those days...

  • Quest Completed:

    Old Firebead was grateful for my locating his book and rewarded me.


  • In a previous version of this article it was mentioned that the scroll case was tied to Reaction. This can no longer be verified and is not the case in current (version or later) enhanced editions.


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Bring Firebead a copy of "The Fateful Coin." [Read more]