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"King" Gramm' is a gnome Wild Mage living in the Hidden Refuge.

Cidrick! Cidrick! You bumbling bird, where are you?


He believes himself king, whose heir has been enslaved by an evil wizard. When first encountering Gorion's Ward, Gramm is convinced s/he and the party is agents from the Society of the Black Mantle. Telana and Neera intervened, when he was about to receive a beating from some thugs being bothered by his usage of royal we and random Color Sprays at the Copper Coronet.

Much dialogue with this strange gnome is possible. Some will be amusing, odd, and delusional.


  • "King" Gramm and his constant calls to a bird named Cidrick may be a reference to the graphic adventure King's Quest V, where the main character is King Graham and travels with an owl named Cedric. The heir enslaved by an evil wizard is a reference to the events of King's Quest III, where Graham's son Alexander was enslaved by the wizard Manannan. The "Society of the Black Mantle" is a clear reference to the Society of the Black Cloak, of whom Manannan was a member, as detailed in King's Quest VI.
  • If you call "King" Gramm delusional, he talks about a Cyric worshipping cousin of his, up in the North (Baldur's Gate is North of Athkatla), that is probably Tiax.


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